Our wedding party


Maid of Honor- Candace Anness-  Candace and I met at Transfer Camp before starting at Texas A&M. Both of us had reservations about going to camp but our parents had told us that this was were people meet their life long best friends, which we both doubted. However we went anyway and little did we know how true that statement was.  Candace and I were bunked right across from each other and very soon were inseparable. We became fast best friends and even college roommates.  Today she has a husband, son and one on the way but when ever we talk or are around each other its like nothing has changed since college. She is one of those friends you have for a lifetime and Im so thankful for her to be in my life!

Bridesmaid- Amy Heartfield- Amy and I met through being on the horse judging team and by the conclusion of our season I knew we would be friends for life. Everyone that knows Amy will agree that she is the sweetest, kindest, most genuine person that could be so full of pranks that they have ever met. We have shared many adventures together to Amsterdam, on summer horsemanship clinics, road trip to Wyoming that took several weeks and college roommates. Amy is a best friend that I will have forever.

Bridesmaid- Erica Mims- Erica and I have been best friends since high school and she is amazing. Even though we may be polar opposites (all the way to her going to the rivaled UT while I went to A&M) I believe that its what makes us the perfect balance of friends. Friends that may not speak or see each other for months but will still pick up right were we left off when we do. She is such an awesome person and so much fun to be around and Im so excited for her to be apart of my wedding.

Bridesmaid- Lauren Griffin- Lauren and I were best friends from junior high. We survived high school together and continued together to college at A&M.  We still managed to stay close despite her being in a sorority and having different friends. Amazingly her husband got in to med school in ft worth right when Cory and I moved there and now are a street over from each other and picked up right where we left off. Lauren is an amazing person and Im so blessed to have her in my life and apart of my wedding day.


Best Man- Brian Sims-

Groomsmen- Jon Bell

Groomsmen- Kyle Smesny

Groomsmen- Will Griffin


Tara's attendants
  • Candace Anness, Maid Of Honor
  • Erica Mims, Bridesmaid
  • Amy Heartfield, Bridesmaid
  • Lauren Griffin, Bridesmaid
Cory's attendants
  • Brian Sims, Best Man
  • Jon Bell, Groomsman
  • Kyle Smesny, Groomsman
  • Will Griffin, Groomsman
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